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The Secrets of App Preview Videos and How to Make Them

With the release of iOS 8 the App Market started to fill up with app preview videos – 30-second demo videos added to the listings of the app. These preview videos is a perfect chance to stand out from the crowd as there are more than 1.3 million apps in the App Store. There are many other reasons for making those videos

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How to Create Great Images for Blogspots

Images are essential for the success of your blog or social media account. For example, tweets with images draw much more attention and the retweet rate grows up to 150%. Here are some tools that can help you to create perfect pictures for your blog

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Tools for Building Mobile Apps

Mobile application is a great addition to the development of your small business as it serves several aims. Sometimes creation of the app on your own can become a sound solution as the price of the development of the app by professional can cost a lot of money. Today the technologies have reached the level when even a person with zero knowledge in coding is able to create the app. However, it is essential to get acquainted with the basics of the development on different platforms.

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App Makers that Don’t Require Coding Knowledge

Anyone, who has an access the Internet, knows that today it is possible to create an app within an hour. However, is it possible to do it without knowledge of coding language? Browsing through the Internet and app marketplaces it is possible to find services that propose such possibility.

As usual, developing services propose a possibility to create HTML5 apps and native apps, though native apps are not that cheap.

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Developing an App: No Coding Required

Those who came up with the most brilliant idea for the app, though have no idea how to write a single line of a programming code, there is good news. Today technologies of the app development fly a pitch, so even novices in this sphere will be able to create an app that will hit the spot. And this app will not just function well –you will be able to get a profit from it. Go and see for yourself – the Internet is full of stories about newcomers who have managed to earn millions with help of their first apps. Who knows, maybe you will be able to get in that list too.

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How to Create a WordPress site without Coding?

Developing a WordPress website today turns from mysterious and frightening process to something that you can do in-between your breakfast and lunch. More than that, now it is possible to create a website within 15 minutes, as it doesn’t require the slightest knowledge of any coding language. Many developers, acknowledged with main principles of correct design and who was working on the older versions of the platform, still go in the same track and spend days and weeks on one website. You can avoid that by following new ways of developing sites – with help of drag-and-drop and clicks, without writing a single line of code.

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Is It Possible to Develop an App for Android OS with Zero Coding Knowledge?

The Internet is full of articles and advertisements of developing agencies that promise to develop an app for a customer within several days or weeks for certain amount of money (sometimes the name of the game is about thousands of dollars). With all this around it is quite hard to believe that literally anyone can create a mobile app and that doesn’t require attainments of coding language and years of work. Of course, the reality of app development hasn’t changed since recently – there is still a need to learn how to develop apps and to know one of the popular coding languages for the one who desires to create an app with specific functional.

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A Hundred Dollars and 3 Hours of Time to Get into the App Store’s Top Chart

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars and burn the midnight oil working on the creation of your perfect game or app for the application marketplace. More than that, you don’t even have to be a professional developer or programmer with years of practice and knowledge of several coding languages, tools and platforms. All you have to do is to come up with an idea, buy a source code of the app that fits the performance of your idea and download online tutorial and the game will be crafted within several hours.

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Top Programming Languages to Master

Mobile development is on the rise now, and IT field is seeking for new talents. If you want to master mobile development, there are several main languages you might wish to get acquainted with. Each of them is perfect for different types of tasks, and they all have their particular features that one might find pretty frustrating, so be prepared.

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Mobile App Development: Easy Times are Gone for Good

What should you do with this sad fact and how to keep your development working?

If you remember the old ‘Web or native’ discussion, it’s time you revise it once again. The good old times when you only had to think about mobile-first strategy and creating apps are gone for good. For quite a while everyone was sure the future of development is in apps and all mobile. But now it seems like things have got a little more complicated here.

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