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A Hundred Dollars and 3 Hours of Time to Get into the App Store’s Top Chart

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars and burn the midnight oil working on the creation of your perfect game or app for the application marketplace. More than that, you don’t even have to be a professional developer or programmer with years of practice and knowledge of several coding languages, tools and platforms. All you have to do is to come up with an idea, buy a source code of the app that fits the performance of your idea and download online tutorial and the game will be crafted within several hours.

Need an example? A week after release of Flappy Bird, that caused a stir at the App Store, was marked by appearance of 95 games (out of 300 released that week) that were variations of this game. The same example is appearance of games featuring Miley Cyrus, or, to be more precious, her flying head.

The game, that combines these two games, is Flappy Miley Wrecking Ball Pro. The author, Gregory Storm, crafted the game within two days.

How is it possible?

  1. Purchase of the source code to Flappy Crocodile. Some sites propose a possibility to programmers to sell the source code of their apps and you can take an advantage of it. Also you can find there templates of codes for different apps for just around $50. If you pay $99, you will get not just a code but also a toolkit and a possibility to sell it on your own.

By the way, sing a clever strategy of making templates for the apps similar to those that draw media attention since the release, programmers can get into big money – in case of Flappy Crocodile, the creator of the code has already gained $10,000 for it.

  1. As it is mentioned before, the full package you purchase, includes a toolkit and an online tutorial how to use it and how to create the first app, so with its help it is possible to create something new without special knowledge and skills – just follow the instructions of the tutorial.
  2. Drag-and-drop style of tool management allows user to make adjustments to the game without code. Thus within an hour, the owner of the freshly bought code can change the crocodile to his own head (cut out from the photo with help of Photoshop) and change all sound effects. Done!

The same technology of sharing code can save you loads of time and money in case if you want to create not just a simple game but a complicated app.

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