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6 Tips for Creating a Useful Branded App

Branded apps can be a significant part of your business strategy. They help you build the trust and develop communication with customers. Through the branded app, the audience can get new information, earn discounts and bonuses. If single-time customers get nice treats and offers through the app, they have the potential to become a regular loyal buyer.

But your branded app will only become the part of your branding and marketing strategy if your customers are actually using it. How can you ensure the app would be useful to the audience and what you can do to bring them to your app? It is simple – just build it this way! Here are six essential steps to take when building your app; they would help you make it successful.

Give a good reason to download it

People are practical, and no one can blame them for only doing something for additional offers or bonuses. If your application would provide customers with additional perks like special offers or discounts, or at least allow them to skip the line, the chances are high that people would install it more gladly.

Provide some unique features.

Making customers install your app is only the part of success – motivating them to actually use it is the bigger task. Brand experience shows customers rarely use the app if they can do all the same in their mobile browser. Thus, when creating their own app, businesses and retailers should think out some unique features it would offer.

Be careful with geolocation

Geotargeting is definitely a cool option for retailers. With fierce competition between the companies, having a chance to provide customers with relevant deals in local stores can actually win the deal. Some travelers might enjoy getting flight gate updates and offers in real time. But most users would get irritated by constant notifications despite how good these offers are.

Hence, be cautious when including geolocation on your app and try not to overdo those. Especially, given some people may not know how to manage notifications on their smartphone. Remember – everything is good when in small portions.

Make the app customizable for the customers

This might feel like going too far – given the time and efforts spent on building the app, it would be a pity to allow users customize or even delete some parts of your app. But in fact, it would be beneficial for you and your business overall. Although all smartphones work the same way, different people have various habits when it comes to the app use. If you give them a chance to customize their home screen and categories, or even more – customize the whole app to their needs and likings, you would get even more. Loyal users and customers are much more valuable for any business.

Think about cross-functional features.

Single-function apps are becoming a history today. In the modern-day app market, they are offering cross-functional apps that can blend with other products and features people tend to use every day. If your app becomes a part of your client’s lifestyle and daily routine, it has all the chances to stay in ‘favorites’ for a longer time.

With the Internet and mobile devices becoming the huge life part for everyone, it is essential for brands and retailers to do their best to communicate with their customers via these channels. Following new tendencies while adapting your ideas, would help to make a unique product the audience would love.

With such an intense app market and new applications appearing every day, you must be ready for the competition. Offering clear and obvious incentives for installing your particular application would be a great strategy.

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