AppFlower an Application Builder (RAD)

AppFlower is a rapid application builder designed to easily create business applications. AppFlower is suited to create data-driven applications like Social Intranet, CRM, ERP, e-Governance , Logistic, Project Management and the like.

To create applications you can use the web-based integrated development enviroment. AppFlower provides a visual designer to develop applications without prior knowledge of programming, using drag and drop and no coding philosophy. Advanced users can create more complex applications.


  • Enterprise-level application builder
  • Forms, Lists, Graphs and more
  • Web-based Visual Designer
  • Automatic code-generator
  • No coding philosophy
  • Native REST integration
  • Modern web 2.0 user-interface
  • Extendable and Open-Source
  • Integrated Debugging and Benchmarking utilities
  • Build on industry technology
  • Easy extension with Plugins
  • Adaptable for Advanced use-cases
  • Security Enhanced

AppFlower saves you on the bottom line. AppFlower gives you a faster product to market, higher quality of code, fast learning curve and less development time. You should be able to get-started and produce working apps within a few minutes with AppFlower.

With help of Appflower you have a possibility to create applications that meet all your requirements, easily, without additional efforts and lots of time. Check the app builder reviews to assure yourself that we propose the best possible quality of services.

Appflower proves that creating of apps is a rocket science any more. Even a novice will be able to create workable and useful application for business needs without coding and with easy publishing of the app in the AppStores, Google Play and iTunes.