Helpful Tips for Designing Mobile Apps

Designing Mobile Apps

Any development of successful mobile app calls for execution of rules of the design. Of course, with years of practice the implementations of some functions and making of the decisions is speedy and sometimes things are made automatically. That is why experts are able to make difficult things very quickly and they are obvious for experts, but not for beginners.

Here are some tips that will make life of novice designer easier:

  1. Grid is a basis of the design of the mobile application
  2. All elements of the design require space and make sure that you keep all widths and heights consistent.
  3. Use color to create hierarchy – the more brighter the button will be, the more important it will seem. Also it is essential that you select the color of the buttons that is more easily seen on the webpage, though it is not advisable to use bright red for call to action buttons.
  4. Designer may not like the color he uses. But if it is essential for the brand, it is necessary to use it.
  5. See the difference between shade and tint – here everything goes with the added color. Color + black = shadow. Color + white = tint.
  6. Logos don’t guarantee the business will be successful. However, poorly designed logo will negatively influence the success of your business.
  7. Don’t let your user to get lost – add the page title to all pages of your website so the visitors will know where are they even after opening a dozen of tabs.
  8. The elements of the pages should be consistent.
  9. The style of the text should be consistent too.
  10. Pay attention to trends of the design – nowadays the design is supposed to be more flat. If your design is outdates – the visitors will see it.
  11. In fact, majority of apps are simple lists, and it is a duty of a designer to make it look more original.
  12. Look through the design libraries to select the most appropriate layout.
  13. The app should provide feedback as soon as it is possible.
  14. Postpone sign up as the user should be engaged to the site first.
  15. Select the best fonts.
  16. Select the visual guideline that is familiar to the users (like Android, Windows or iOS guideline)
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