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How to Create a WordPress site without Coding?

Developing a WordPress website today turns from mysterious and frightening process to something that you can do in-between your breakfast and lunch.   More than that, now it is possible to create a website within 15 minutes, as it doesn’t require the slightest knowledge of any coding language. Many developers, acknowledged with main principles of correct design and who was working on the older versions of the platform, still go in the same track and spend days and weeks on one website. You can avoid that by following new ways of developing sites – with help of drag-and-drop and clicks, without writing a single line of code.

The simplest site for creation is a blog. And it is necessary to admit that a blog is more than enough to meet the requirements of small business and most people. Of course, with help of WordPress it is possible to create super complicated site with enhanced functional and navigation but it will take time. Blog is perfect when you want to check some new ideas and to evaluate your possibility to develop a site. And it won’t be expensive – forget about fears of spending thousands of dollars for creation of one site. Just stick to these steps and let’s go:

  • Your website needs a place. Choose a hosting provider – keep in mind that this choice should be well-though-out. BlueHost is a provider recommended by WordPress so it would be a wise decision to follow this advice. Moreover, BlueHost is especially appropriate for installing sites created on this platform. And this provider proposes a possibility to create and manage several WordPress accounts on the main account.
  • Sign up to the hosting service, in case of BlueHost it will cost you $5.99 per month.
  • Come up with the name of the site and register it.
  • Log in to WordPress through BlueHost Home page – click on admin panel and a whole set of tools for developing site will become visible.
  • There you will be able to install WordPress – you won’t miss it, it is the first icon.
  • After the installation you will see the URL of your new site – just insert the domain name to the URL.
  • It is time to customize the site. Delete everything you see on all pages of newly created pages.
  • Go to the General Settings and start creating your site.
  • Select a theme for a page and change things you don’t like
  • Write the first blog-post and publish it
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