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How to Create Great Images for Blogspots

Images are essential for the success of your blog or social media account. For example, tweets with images draw much more attention and the retweet rate grows up to 150%. Here are some tools that can help you to create perfect pictures for your blog:

  1. PicMonkey is one of the best tools for photo editing as here you can edit an image, create a collage or a design for the background of your social media account. There is a possibility to use it without signing in and even without using of your own photos as you can use a sample. Moreover, it has built-in designs for Pinterest, Etsy and Facebook.
  2. Social Image Resizer Tool is the best tool for changing the size of the images for your profile. Select the photo and choose the social media site you want to set picture for from the list.
  3. TimeLine Slicer creates a background and images for your social media account. Simple drag and drop management helps to select and place everything quickly and easily. You can resize, rotate and move the image.
  4. Photovisi is a user-friendly and plain app for making collages – there is no need to sign in. Create the collage, download it and use wherever you need.
  5. BeFunky is an enhanced version of online photo editor that is available on any webrowser. With its help it is possible to edit photos with help of features like cropping, filters, borders, text and making collages.
  6. What about Infographics?,,, Piktochart are ideal helpers in creating infographics for the social media.
  7. Turn quotes in images. You can use Resite, Quozio, Pinwords, Pinstamatic – and these are just a few apps from many that are able to turn a quote into image or background without efforts.
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