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Is It Possible to Develop an App for Android OS with Zero Coding Knowledge?

The Internet is full of articles and advertisements of developing agencies that promise to develop an app for a customer within several days or weeks for certain amount of money (sometimes the name of the game is about thousands of dollars). With all this around it is quite hard to believe that literally anyone can create a mobile app and that doesn’t require attainments of coding language and years of work. Of course, the reality of app development hasn’t changed since recently – there is still a need to learn how to develop apps and to know one of the popular coding languages for the one who desires to create an app with specific functional.

But! If you have an intention to develop a common app, no one expects you to burn the midnight oil and notch hundreds of code commands and language syntax. All you have to do is to find a user-friendly mobile development platform, for example, AppsGeyser.

This service is free so there is no need to spend money on hiring a team of developers and designers for making an app. More than that, apps created on this platform can be monetized, get a QR code and download link.

The process of creation of the application for Android OS is easy as it is:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Find the “Create now” feature and click it
  3. Select a type of a future app: there are Browser, YouTube, TV, Audio, Photo, Website, HTML, Quiz etc. categories available.
  4. In case if you select creation of a website app, it is necessary to select URL and write a description for it.
  5. Click Next
  6. Fill in the information required and sign up

By clicking two buttons and entering several lines of the info you will create own app and publish it with help of the platform.

In the gallery of the platform you can look through the apps created with its help and submit your own. All that can be created within 15 minutes and free of charge – and no code required.

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