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Tools for Building Mobile Apps

Mobile application is a great addition to the development of your small business as it serves several aims. Sometimes creation of the app on your own can become a sound solution as the price of the development of the app by professional can cost a lot of money. Today the technologies have reached the level when even a person with zero knowledge in coding is able to create the app. However, it is essential to get acquainted with the basics of the development on different platforms:

  • Android: There is a free platform with help of which you will be able to create Java applications. You will get samples, source code, tools for development and testing of the app, receive video guidelines and instructions. And if you want to publish your app at Google Play you will have to pay $25 for once.
  • iOS: in order to create apps on the iOS platform you will have to spend $99. The platform proposes wide range of tools and possibilities to create outstanding apps.
  • BlackBerry: the platform for development of apps, websites and widgets requires a payment for every 10 apps submitted for approval.
  • Windows: this platform is user-friendly and provides well-rounded documentation concerning successful marketing strategies.

There are many tools that can be used for development of apps without profound knowledge in coding:

  1. AppMakr is a place where you can create iPhone app without efforts using enhanced features like push notifications, GeoRSS, JavaScript and CSS.
  2. GENWI is a platform that enables the user to create apps for iOS, Android and HTML5 apps. The platform proposes a possibility to get rich graphics, photos, video and other multimedia.
  3. Mippin is an easy-to-use platform that helps to craft apps for the most popular OS and this platform will distribute your app to the most popular marketplaces like iTunes, Google Play and Amazon stores.
  4. MobBase is the place that will be duly appreciated by musicians as this platform gives an access to RSS feed, to update news and upload tracks/
  5. MobiCart is a platform that proposed a set of features linked up with PayPal so it will be possible to implement PayPal payment options to the application.
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