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Top Programming Languages to Master

Mobile development is on the rise now, and IT field is seeking for new talents. If you want to master mobile development, there are several main languages you might wish to get acquainted with. Each of them is perfect for different types of tasks, and they all have their particular features that one might find pretty frustrating, so be prepared. But writing code is a complicated process, especially if you are a beginner you should ask for help with programming homework. You will learn more about the different programming languages in this article.


This language is ideal for developing Android and Windows applications. But in reality, C++ has been used for all kinds of tasks. The learning materials are available for everyone, and the language is widespread. Despite being on the market even longer than mobiles, it is in use for all the platforms excluding the ‘fruit’ ones.

If you plan on building a web-fronted application, your choice is HTML5. It is simple to use and rationalize, it allows testing on different screen sizes. But its standard is the problem as well as solution – while HTML5 is still supported on various platforms and everyone is using it, we expect substantial changes in the way browsers work with HTML and everything might break sooner or later.

Let’s differentiate from the start: you can develop software with Java Beans, Java, and JavaScript – these are three different systems that should not be confused.

Java is used mostly for Android development – it is not the language to use for iOS apps or cross-platform testing. But it is stable, object-oriented, and flexible when it comes to compiling. It is one of the most frequently used languages, so all the materials and information are available.

JavaScript is actually the scripting language for web browser-type applications, and it is not the solution to mobile app development as it is. But in case you need to add new features to the webpage it is your choice to go.

Objective-C is considered the primary programming language for Apple. It can perform almost the same things as C++ does and have additional functions to deal with I/O, display, and graphics. If you ever plan on working with iOS and MacOS, you will have to master Objective-C as it is the central part of the Apple development. Yet, they are now planning on replacing Objective-C with Swift.

This language does the same for Microsoft as Objective-C does for Apple. Being the wider expansion of the C language, it covers all the unique features of the platform development.

C# is the imperative programming language to master for all those who design for Windows Mobile market.

Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Swift languages have been widely used for Apple app development – they were created to cope with security issues that Objective-C had. And for a long time combining Swift with Objective-C was the best deal. As the Swift is continuously improved, sooner or later all developers will turn to using Swift for the whole process.

If you are planning on writing iOS apps, Swift is the language for you. By the way, making it open source was Apple’s very smart move: the attention and curiosity invested into the popularity of the language and increased the number of developers who use Swift for their projects.

What Is the Best?

Here you have it: the basic programming languages in use today. If you are wondering about the bet and the most universal one among these six, you are in trouble. There is no universal or the best language, and your choice depends on the task you have and platform you are developing for. For iOS, you don’t have much choice, as well as for stable and secure browser front-end app.

Also, look at your users’ needs and the developing experience of your staff. Sometimes it is better to stick with the more common language and correct your plans a bit.

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